Put computer in hibernate delayed

This script will put your PC in hibernation with an delay. Save script as an .ps1 file, double click and fill in delay. Script will show an progress bar, with time remaining plus percentage. As you can tell, you can modify this script to do whatever you want. It’s mostly about the delay and the…

Send mail via Outlook

This script creates an outlook e-mail, fill it with predefined data and can send it automatically. I used as much variables as I could an put them in top. Important: you gotta have an configured outlook profile, or it won’t work!


Zabbix Client installer 1.8.3

This script will: download Windows Zabbix client version 1.8.3 Unzip downloaded zip file Delete downloaded zip file Create config file Move files to “c:\Program files\Zabbix\” Install Zabbix client Start Zabbix service Additionaly it’s possible to reinstall Zabbix client   Important! Don’t forget to set the IP, at line 101, to your Zabbix server Run script…

Overview hypervisors 2012 with SCVMM 2012

This script will create a report from your hyper-V servers from your Virtual Machine Manager 2012. This report will be automatically emailed to a number of persons. Important: 1. All hypervisors should be server 2012. 2. If your native OS language is English and you use a different language notation in combination with an English…

Check computer list which are online


Remove folders based on age

This script uses an hashtable with folder paths as items and age as value.